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Sustainable clothing for a better planet

Our garments talk for us. They represent our values and our wishes to leave behind a better future and a healthier planet for the younger generations. Letter to the World clothing pieces are:

Organic &

When choosing the materials we confection with, we look for functionality and comfort, but also for those that have a low impact on nature. Most of our fabrics are made out of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certificate) and we also incorporate BCI cotton as an initiative to slowly but steadily switch to global sustainable alternatives in the fashion industry. 

Natural &

There is nothing more important than feeling free in your own skin. That is why all of our garments are chemical-free (as well as chromium and nickel-free), and certified by the Oeko-Tex standard. This allows kids to feel comfortable, safe, and free in this second skin.  We stand for giving clothes a second life as we are aware of the dangers of fast fashion. All of our materials are OCS and RCS certified, as our small contribution to positively impact the planet. Additionally, all of our packaging is made out of 100 % recycled materials. 

Fair &

We control everything we manufacture firsthand and know all the people involved to ensure that everything is made in fair human conditions. Not only do we supervise all the conditions at our production factory and offices,  but we also control all our suppliers with periodical and annual social audits. Our duty as fashion designers and producers is to be socially fair and responsible in every single step of the production chain.


Clothes are fun, and so can be taking care of them, helping to create
a better world.


Sharing is caring! Why not change clothes with friends or pass on garments to other members of
the family or donate them to
second-hand markets.


Clothes are for playing and having fun with! Kids can surely use their imagination to combine clothing pieces in so many different ways that they will never get bored.


Buy less but buy wisely, making sure that the items are high-quality and are made out of conscious materials.


All of our delivery packaging is recycled and can also be re-recycled. Give the boxes a second chance. A new box for crayons, socks, or why not, to build a birdhouse!